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The King of Predictions application is an MMA prediction game to enjoy before, during and after MMA-events:


Study well, submit fight predictions, build Friend List and challenge friends by e-mail (and shortly on Facebook).


Compete against friends by Tracking Predictions , enjoy live scoring showing your position fight by fight - the King of Predictions gets the virtual belt and exclusive bragging rights!


See how your MMA-knowledge ranks you against friends and MMA-fans around the world. Prepare for events to come…

The 4-point Must Scoring System

A total of 4 points per fight is achieved by predicting the correct outcome, by either

  • correct Winner (2 points) via Decision (+2 points), or
  • correct Winner (2 points), Method (+1 point) and Round (+1 point).

Available Methods are Decision, Submission and KO/TKO.

Decision is awarded with 2 points, as both Method and timing are correctly predicted. (Note that no third point is available when correctly predicting Winner, but wrongly predicting Decision as fight outcome).

At a draw no points are awarded and at a disqualification 2 points are awarded for correct Winner.

The player with the highest total score for the Main Card fights is the King of Predictions.

At an equal total score the eliminating factors are

  • most points for Winner, and if the same;
  • most points for Method, and if the same;
  • most points for Round, and if still the same;
  • we have a draw!

In this regard a correct Decision prediction is considered only as correct Method.

How to play


Buy Event/Make Predictions/Challenge Friends

  • Go to Events
  • Predict Fights
  • Submit Predictions
  • Share your predictions via e-mail (and shortly on Facebook)

Create Friend List

  • Go to Friends
  • Press + to add friends
  • Enter Friend’s Nickname and press Done
  • Your Friend is now added to your Friend List and available for competition
  • To delete Friend, press edit and then Delete


Create Party/Track predictions

To compete with Friends with access to Friends’ predictions and real time scoring

  • Go to Friends
  • Check box on left hand side of Friends’ nicknames to add Friends to competition
  • Press Create Party
  • Go to Track Predictions

You now have access to Friends' predictions and are all in competition for the KoP title and whatever else you and friends throw into the mix.

  • Press Score Fight after each fight to retrieve live scoring*
  • Track your position in the pecking order fight by fight
  • Press Score Fight after last fight to find out who is the King of Predictions

Don’t want to compete against friends?

  • Predict Fights
  • Go directly to Track Predictions


Friend Event Ranking/Global Event Ranking

To see how you rank on the latest Event against friends or globally

  • Go to Events
  • Press Event Ranking
  • Choose Friend or Global Event Ranking by tapping the ranking you want to see


Under Ranking you find the Friend and Global Ranking, showing who predicts best over time – five previous events in total. To see how you rank "pound for pound"

  • Go to Ranking
  • Choose Friend or Global Ranking by sliding screen sideways

The number 1 on the Global Ranking is the undisputed, pound for pound King of Predictions of the world!

Previous Prediction Results

To see previous prediction results

  • Go to Profile
  • Press My Fight Cards
  • Choose Event
Thanks for playing and enjoy!